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Ariel Detergent Powder Wholesale in vietnam

Ariel Detergent is known for its brand of “stubborn stains removal in just 1 wash”. The product can be used for both machine washing and hand washing. Ariel powder detergent has the advantage of being soluble, pleasant fragrance and quick cleaning power in one step of washing. It’s trusted by most active Vietnamese women through the “trial” promotion campaign of Ariel detergent manufacturers.

1. Ariel Detergent Powder information

Ariel washing detergent is the second product of P&G Group, following Tide detergent. The success of Ariel detergent wholesale to the market research and user habits, along with lessons learned from “brother” -Tide. The main formula of the new Ariel powder detergent is the effective combination of 3 technologies: deep cleaning inside the fabric, removing, preventing stains and brightening.

In addition, the application of Enzyme biotechnology makes Ariel laundry powder highly effective without harming the environment and skin of the user. Ariel makes the washing work of Vietnamese women lighter, life simpler.

Since its inception, Ariel detergent has quickly dominated the consumer market, becoming a very strong export trading group. It’s an opportunity product for all small businesses, agents and ariel washing powder distributors in FMCG industry.

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2. Product Catalog of Ariel detergent wholesale in 2020

Ariel laundry detergent wholesale have 4 main lines. Each product line is applied to special laundry needs. Characterized of Ariel powder is a quick and clean bleaching of stains, a pleasant aroma, color fastness, deodorization of mold.

♦ Main products of Ariel detergent wholesale:

Ariel Powder Detergent
  • Ariel Professional: Features good and fast cleaning. Suitable for use in restaurants, spa, hotels…
  • Ariel Keep Color: Suitable for clothes that are sweaty, or greasy, coffee, stains difficult to remove … Because Ariel keeps color with deep cleansing feature but does not discolor clothes.
  • Ariel Sunrise Fresh: Good quality laundry detergent, scent sunny
  • Ariel Prevent Musty: For clothes that are exposed to sunlight or rain
  • Ariel detergent with downy: As the name implies, Ariel Downy detergent cleans clothes and preserving the fragrance all day long.

3. Outstanding advantages of Ariel laundry detergent wholesale

Ariel detergent wholesale is new generation product. but is very well received from consumers. Products are experienced by Vietnamese women, tried and evaluated. In fact, the advantages gained through wholesale Ariel’s surveys are extremely outstanding:

  • Wash clothes quickly, save time and do not take much effort of housewives.
  • Ariel powder laundry detergent suitable for washing in restaurants, spas, hotels…
  • Keeping clothes color better than other detergents.
  • Easily soluble in water, no lumps, no adhesion on clothes.
  • Light scent like sunshine or longer fragrance with ariel downy.
  • Can be used for both hand washing and washing machines. There are Ariel laundry detergent wholesale with less foam for the lower door machine.
  • Nice and attractive packaging. There are many packing weights for many choices.
  • The price is in line with user spending
  • Good advertising programs, promoting real products, for users to witness and experience.
  • Enzyme biotechnology is safe for hand skin and environmentally friendly.

4. How to use Ariel washing powder? Some notes for ariel washing powder.

♦ To use and promote all the remarkable features of the new Ariel washing powder, users should refer as below:

  • For hand washing: use 1 spoon for a small amount of washing from 10-15 clothes. Use 1.5 tablespoons for an average of 15-20 items of laundry.
  • For washing machine: Use 2 spoons for washing machine weight from 5 – 7kg with average stain.
  • The amount of detergent used should be based on the amount of clothes, the hardness of water and the dirt of the clothes.
  • Add stain remover to Ariel powder and water for stubborn stains.
  • Use a measuring spoon of detergent to get accurate quantity and ensure hand safety.

♦ Some notes for Ariel washing powder:

  • Need to choose Ariel powder detergent suitable for each case of hand washing, washing machine on the top and bottom machines.
  • Store washing powder in a dry place, away from direct sunlight.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Close the container after use.

5. Global export ariel detergent wholesale

Ariel Detergent is manufactured by globally renowned brand P&G. Applying new technology, outstanding features.

The explosion of Ariel washing powder has changed detergent market. Pushing the race of market share between Unilever and P&G to the climax. Open a series of business opportunities for small business startups. In such a situation, distributors are also racing to expand their products and markets. Ariel washing powder export is an opportunity and a challenge.

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6. Export Ariel detergent wholesale Vietnam

Wholesaler ariel washing powder to all over the world.

We are specializes in exporting Ariel laundry detergent wholesale by containers. If you are looking for supplier, distributor, exporter and trader Ariel detergent Vietnam. Please contact Asia Grocery Co., Ltd to have the best wholesale price.


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