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Red Bull Energy Drink Vietnam

Red Bull is an Austria-based business began in 1987 by Dietrich Mateschitz that markets one product: an energy drink having taurine (an amino acid) that’s marketed in a slim, silver-colored 8.3-ounce can (revealed at the right). The beverage has been a huge hit with the company’s target young people section around the globe. For the year 2001, Red Bull boasted sales of $51 million in the United States alone and caught 70 percent of the energy-drink market worldwide. From Stanford College in California to the beaches of Australia and also Thailand, Red Bull has actually taken care of to preserve its hip, trendy image, with basically no mass-market advertising and marketing.



1. Where did Red Bull energy drink come from?

Firstly, In the years 1968-1977, when the domestic ready-to-drink beverage market became potential, especially energy drinks, with extensive research conducted, Mr. Chaleo Yoovidhya (the author) founder of TCP Corporation – owner of Red Bull) successfully discovered a formula for the product. Not long after that, the 1000cc Theoplex-D Syrup was launched.


Red Bull Energy Drink Wholesale Supplier


Secondly, In 1981, Red Bull Gold Can was officially “born” and quickly became an energy drink favored by Thai people. In 1987, Red Bull entered the international market, opening a whole new “playground” for energy drinks. Thirdly, In 1999, Red bull launched in Vietnam market.
red bull gold can
red bull gold can
However, in the journey of more than 20 years of serving Vietnamese consumers, with product lines of international standards, Red Bull not only conveys a source of positive life energy but also becomes a “spiritual” drink that is closely attached to the human body. relevant to Vietnamese life.

2. What are the main ingredients in Red Bull energy drink ?

Red bull ingredients include caffeine that helps stimulate nerves and boost brain activity; taurine – an amino acid that is naturally available in the human body to create a feeling of alertness; and B vitamins help promote normal metabolism.
energy drink wholesale energy drink wholesale

3. One of the leading brands in the energy drink industry in Vietnam

After 20 years of leadership and constant innovation, Red Bull Vietnam has proven its position in the Vietnamese energy drink market. In conclusion, According to data recorded at the end of 2018 by Vietnam Industry Research and Consulting Company (VIRAC), this company achieved a profit rate that outperformed the beverage industry when it reached 42.8%.
red_bull energy drink distributor Red Bull logo
Most importantly, continuously conveying and spreading the message of positive energy in the community with the product line of international standards, during the past 20 years. Moreover, this energy drink demonstrate its own identity, quality and support for consumers. After that, Vietnamese consumption across the country.

4. Are you looking for a Red Bull wholesale supplier in Vietnam?

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