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Colgate Strong Teeth Fresh Breath

Colgate Strong Teeth Fresh Breath Toothpaste 100G

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Colgate Toothpaste Wholesale Suppliers

Colgate wholesale is a 56th brand in the top 100 famous brands in the world. In particular, Colgate toothpaste brand is many people interested. So which product of the public? How much colgate wholesale price?  How many type of wholesale colgate toothpaste? The same news, find out the details in the following article. TABLE OF CONTENTS

1 / Who is the manufacturer of Colgate wholesale toothpaste?

Colgate toothpaste wholesale is a product of Colgate-Palmolive. The American multinational company specializing in the manufactur and distribution of consumer goods such as soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes and detergents. The company was founded by William Colgate in 1806 in New York City with the name "William Colgate & Company". By 1857 the company changed its name to "Colgate Company". The first product introduced to the market was the creamy toothpaste line that was contained in a glass jar. It designed as a soft case so that users could squeeze and use it conveniently. After more than 2 centuries of Colgate wholesale formation and development. It has become a brand that goes into people's hearts. When it comes to toothpaste, people think of Colgate. Vietnam Manufacturer of Colgate toothpaste Many sources said that this toothpaste product has been present in 223 countries worldwide and trusted and used by customers. In Vietnam, the factory is located in Binh Phuoc 3 industrial zone, Binh Duong province.

2 / How many types of Wholesale Colgate toothpaste?

This toothpaste has 8 main types and each will have different product lines as follows.

2.1 / Colgate optic white toothpaste

This may be Colgate's unique teeth whitening toothpaste. Thanks to the advanced teeth whitening technology, it delivers outstanding results after only 1 week of use. Colgate optic white toothpaste Colgate wholesale helps remove yellow stains, polishes teeth surfaces safely and quickly, far better than other common bleaching toothpaste lines.

2.2 / Colgate Total Toothpaste

Colgate Total toothpaste not only eliminates harmful bacteria on the teeth but also cleanses the tongue and gums for 12 hours. Colgate wholesale Toothpaste can be considered as a comprehensive dental care product line with 2 product lines: Colgate Total Mint Toothpaste

2.3 / Colgate Maxfresh toothpaste

With 3 product lines manufactured with Colgate's common technology, to create cool crystals, giving users a refreshing feeling and possessing a cool breath after many hours of use. Colgate Maxfresh toothpaste

2.4 / Colgate salt herbal toothpaste

With extracts from herbal salt and aromatic mint aroma for healthy gums and prevent maximum tooth decay. This is the product line of Colgate wholesale that is loved and used by many mothers. Colgate salt herbal toothpaste

2.5 / Colgate maximum cavity protection toothpaste

With a new formula for Calcium and Fluor enhancement, together with cool peppermint flavors, it offers outstanding features especially to prevent tooth decay. Colgate maximum cavity protection toothpaste

2.6 / Colgate Vitamin C toothpaste

Is a product line suitable for all families, with vitamin C extract not only provides good nutrients to prevent tooth decay but also limits oral heat effectively. Colgate Vitamin C toothpaste

2.7 / Colgate for children toothpaste

Understanding the psychology of children who like the aroma of fruits, Colgate has produced 2 different scents with beautiful and attractive packaging. Colgate for children toothpaste

3 / The use of Wholesale colgate toothpaste

In general, all toothpaste products are great for oral health. In addition, it also has other uses to learn details in the next section.

3.1 / Perfect teeth protection

This toothpaste mainly brings the following great benefits:
  • Protect teeth and gums from harmful bacteria
  • Remove excess food on teeth
  • Prevent the appearance of plaque, tartar, yellow stains, tooth decay
  • Give the breath fresh air for hours
  • Effective tooth sensitivity reduction
  • Improve tooth color, give bright white teeth

4 / Colgate wholesale price in Vietnam market?

According to customers' assessment, colgate palmolive wholesale distributors has a popular price but has many good benefits for oral health. See the following Colgate wholesale price list.
TypesPrice (USD)/tube
Colgate optic white toothpaste 100g1.48
Colgate Total toothpaste 190g1.52
Colgate Maxfresh toothpaste 230g1.70
Colgate herbal salt toothpaste250g1.35
Colgate maximum cavity protection toothpaste 250g1.35
Colgate Vitamin C toothpaste 170g0.87

5/ Colgate Palmolive Wholesale distributors, suppliers

colgate wholesale
colgate wholesale
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