7UP Lemon Soft Drink – Loved by Vietnamese Youth

7UP Lemon Soft Drink

7UP Lemon Soft Drink – A Style Imprint In Vietnamese Young People

Joining the Vietnamese market more than 23 years back. 7UP is still one of the favored drinks for young Vietnamese with a refreshing natural lemon flavor and special and different interaction tasks. 7 Up Soft Drink 330ml the natural refreshing lemon taste goes along with the dishes of young people. 7UP develops a new concept of sodas, encouraging the spirit of favorable living


PepsiCo Fist time in Vietnam.

Back in 1994, 7UP Lemon Soft Drink was among the initial faces of PepsiCo (today Suntory PepsiCo) to be “launched” by Vietnamese clients. In the context of the first years after opening up with the tough competition. The look of 7UP Lemon Soft Drink has actually developed a pattern for youngsters Thanks to the particular green shade of the packaging as well as the refreshing lemon taste. Bring an absolutely natural feeling as if on call the vibrant seaside summer season day. Not just that, the cleverness of positioning has made 7UP portray his pictures in the minds of clients as an icon of a positive, fresh, and also the personal way of living. Which seems to have touched an area deep in the minds of youngsters. The one-of-a-kind brand individuality has led these possible customers to stick to 7UP from there in an unnoticeable yet fascinating way.

7UP develops a trust fund amongst individuals with a high-quality dedication right from the very first days.

Meaningful, motivating programs for young people.

Soft Drink Brands

Having actually spent greater than twenty years as a friend of the 8X, 9X, and 7UP generations, it has actually produced a favorable mindset to life, arousing an active spirit for all 10X in the future. In 2008, 7UP created a brand-new item called 7UP Revive – a drink having healthy and balanced active ingredients, fast rehydration, electrolytes, and also vitamins for lengthy days of exercise.

From here, 7UP Lemon Soft Drink, as well as 7UP Revive photos, seem associated with tasks for young people across the nation. These are the bottles of water that sustain the trainees throughout the enthusiastic Eco-friendly Summertime trip. Young professional athletes in the exciting suits of the National Student Sports Event. Moreover, 7UP really took off and also attracted attention with a meaningful and also special campaign “7UP adorned Vietnam” to bring a vibrant, fresh urban area that is one-of-a-kind to Vietnamese young people. 2 common tasks are Ho Con Rua and also Ki dorm room of the Ho Chi Minh City University of Economics.

Most lately, the 7UP once again stirred up the life of netizens with the MV. “Craving It is Love – Love to Consume”. Outlining the “Full-Taste” journey and also the rejuvenating lemon taste of 7UP throughout her North and South. Ms. Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc to experience nationwide meals. In parallel with that, the competition “Craving For Nhue” additionally happened extremely excitingly on two systems Facebook and also Foody. Striking the psychology like to experience, discovering Vietnamese food, though not too far from the globe. Youthful, to urge them to send images of check-in dining establishments with 7UP. Attracting a special and also full Vietnamese food map.

“Craving is inching, likes to eat”

7UP Lemon Soft Drink

7 Up Soft Drink and also youngsters find Vietnamese food

Phuong Minh (22 years old, a pupil) is among the most energetic participants. “Yearning is inching” through 7 weeks of screening. She shared: “I have been a difficult follower of 7UP for a long time, so I worked hard at the playgrounds supplied by 7UP. For this “YOLO” game. I had a week of “unlocking” 8 places, watching motion picture tickets, and phone scratch cards. Much more especially, I am just one of 7 youngsters that have actually won the possibility to travel throughout Vietnam with 7 Up Soft Drink 330ml to appreciate scrumptious meals throughout the area. What a wonderful and different experience for me. ”

Focusing on bringing customers contentment with product quality and also the fulfillment of experience is vital to 7UP’s success. During greater than twenty years in the Vietnam market. And indeed, initiatives to begin the trend, as well as capture youths’ taste, are strengthening 7UP’s placement in the mind of modern-day as well as dynamic clients.

7UP Lemon Soft Drink for youngsters

7UP Lemon Soft Drink is additionally linked with lots of significant programs for young people. In 2008, the brand develops a brand-new line of items called 7UP Revive. Beverages have healthy ingredients, rapid rehydration, electrolytes as well as vitamins for long days of workout.

Since then, 7UP and 7UP Restore images seem connected with activities for youth across the country. These are the bottles of water to support pupils throughout the “Green Summer season”. The youthful professional athletes in the amazing matches of the nationwide pupil sports events.

On top of that, this beverage brand is likewise noticeable in the campaign. “7UP embellished Vietnam”, bringing a vibrant and also fresh city room. Characterized by Vietnamese youth with 2 typical jobs are Ho Con Rua and Ho Chi Minh City College of Economics dorm room.