Downy Parfum Collection – Lasts longer than expensive fine fragrances

Parfum collection

It’s a smelly fact: You start the day wearing fresh clothes, but as the hours go on, the odors pile on, and that once-fresh outfit, well, stinks. That’s just the way it is—or is it? When you treat your laundry to Downy Protect & Refresh Liquid Fabric Conditioner and Fresh Protect In-Wash Odor Shield Scent Beads, fabrics are infused with fresheners that knock out bad smells all day long. From body odor to mildew smells, the stink is no match for the long-lasting freshness of Downy. Therefore, Downy Perfume collection is the product line improves bring fresh all the day

Nothing beats taking a moment, breathing deeply, and delighting your senses with your favorite fragrance. Downy perfume fabric conditioner gives your fabrics a long-lasting touch-activated scent so you can experience that moment of scent whenever you want.

Why Do Clothes Get Smelly? It’s no mystery clothes can stink. We do a lot in our clothes—dining out, working out, traveling… leaving food, sweat. So, the body odor it produces, exercise, and life are smelly culprits. No one wants to put on a fresh outfit only to realize hours later it smells funky. Luckily, Downy Protect & Refresh Liquid Fabric Conditioner neutralizes odors so you can feel confidently fresh.

In 2014, Downy Introduced Downy Collection of Fragrances Owned by advanced scent switcher technology for the first time in Vietnam, and convey the message of aromatherapy to help women become more attractive.

Product line of downy perfume collection

The new line of fabric softeners currently attracts women is the product line of fabric softener with collections including Passion, Romance, Sweetheart, Daring, Fusion, and Mystique. Downy perfume is suitable for all types of fabrics and all types of skin, which protects and softens each yarn, doesn’t fade clothes. The secret of Transcendent Technology bases on the dual micro perfume granules, which are flexible in the face of the natural movements of clothing. When lightly scrubbed, the dual-microscopic beads will blend with each other and give off a burst of scent, each time a different aroma experience depending on the location and concentration of the particles. friction location.

In addition to the traditional fragrance, Downy also applies technology to transfer perfume for long-lasting incense. Long-lasting scent for long-lasting beauty.

Downy Perfume Collection
Downy Perfume Collection

By using Downy every day, you will be charm with the strangely mysterious fragrancy spreads from each yarn. The fragrancy’s lasting all day long, even when you have to do lots of exercises. With a half cup, millions of flower’s seeds will crease into each yarn, so that each time you move, the particles will burst out fresh fragrance for long lasting fragrance.

With the use of Downy every day you will feel the sensual aroma radiates from each fiber. The aroma blends well all day, even when you are active. Downy Romance not only bring fragrance but also help the yarns not be threadbare to keep the natural soft and prevent the dirt particles from sticking back into the fabric.

With a dense formula to keep the fabric not be hard, the product brings ultimate soft fabrics and perfumed fragrances, which make you feel fresh and comfortable all day long. The dense formula helps to keep the fabric not be hard, especially for old clothes. This will save your money more than other fabric softener.The normal washing process split yarns into smaller yarns. Like a lubricant, fabric softener helps the yarns not be threadbare to keep the natural soft and prevent the dirt particles from sticking back into the fabric. With using Downy every day, you will feel the attractive fragrancy from the fabric. The fragrancy’s lasting all day long, even when you have lots of exercises

Downy Daring will let you enjoy the fragrance of noble perfume with the harmony between the attractively yellow flowers and deep warm wood flavor. This is a powerful assistant to honor the luxury, noble and full of attraction of Vietnamese women. Downy contains millions of tiny micro perfume blending together and emanates the noble scent.  These particles will weave into each fabric and stay long on clothing even after drying. The fragrance of Downy will spread the freshness of the fragrance when move and will subside throughout the day. With Downy’s flowering technology, the fabric softener releases perfume gradually for long-lasting freshness. Just one-time rinse water, clothes will be clear and fragrant

Downy Mystique belongs to high-end product line, giving you the feeling of fullness of life every day. The product is applied Downy’s flowering technology, which helps clothes to fragrant each your movement throughout the day. Formulated contain fragranced molecules that cling to each yarn, eliminating unpleasant odors on clothing, dispelling mists on rainy days. Downy Mystique gives you a sense of exquisitely charming from every yarn, spread the freshness of the fragrance when move and will subside throughout the day.

Delicate scented is seductive and embroidered in each yarn, which mesmerizes people and give you the feeling of fullness of life every day. By using Downy every day you will feel attracted to the mysterious charm from each yarn.

User manual

Do not pour directly on clothing.

For hand washing: Use 1/2 cup of Downy for 15-20 pieces of clothing, soak for a few minutes, squeeze and dry.

For washing machine: Use 1/2 cup of Downy for half a barrel (about 35L) or a lid and half full of laundry barrels (about 52L); After the machine has completed the discharge, squeeze and dry as usual.

To get the best for jeans, blankets, towels … should use a cup.

Step by step

Also follow the steps below to get the best results:

  1. Check that the items you wish to launder are machine washable and suitable for use with fabric softeners. If you’re not sure what different laundry symbols mean on your clothes’ care labels then our handy guide can help.
  2. Measure the right amount of fabric softener for your washing load. Not sure how much you should use? Check the packaging and follow the tip for measuring softener simply weigh your laundry in kilos, subtract 1 from the total, multiple the number by 10, and you have the number of millimeters of softener you should use
  3. Load your softener into the machine. If you’re unsure of how to add fabric softener or when to put fabric softener in your washing machine, then consult the washing machine manual. In most machines you add it to the detergent drawer in the last compartment and at the same time as you load your detergent.
  4. Wash your clothes on a normal cycle with your normal detergent.

Downy PerfumeCollections are the speacial fabric softener for women. With the idea to wear perfume on your clothes perfect for those who can’t tolerate scents on their skin and not just any perfume, but scents on a par with the fine fragrances crafted by respected noses. The makers, Procter & Gamble is one of the biggest perfumers in the world. They are the producers of scents like Dolce & Gabbana, Lacoste, Gucci and Hugo Boss. Their perfumers are the ones who worked on the Downy collection. And the scents are very subtle, friendly and not overpowering. So that why this product line is the best choice for you.

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