Milo Milk Good For Children

Milo Milk

Milo Milk Good For Children

Our bodies do not produce calcium themselves. So we need calcium supplements in our daily diet. Calcium plays an important role in bone regeneration and development. It forms the structure and strength for bones and teeth. Like other parts of the body, children’s bones are growing rapidly in adulthood. Therefore, children should be given enough calcium daily to ensure optimal bone density, healthy bones throughout life. Milo Active Go Milk Calcium Plus 240ML give enough calcium for day. As your age improves, your ability to regenerate your bones will decrease. If your child does not develop strong bones in adulthood. They may be in trouble for the long term. Therefore, Milo milk calcium is a vital nutrient for the development of children.

Is the canxi quantity suitable for children?

A variety of nutrition will provide the child with the nutrients and energy needed to grow healthy. Dairy is a major source of calcium, which helps keep bones strong. In particular, milk, yogurt and cheese are encouraged in the diet of the Vietnamese as a source of natural calcium. If you are using a regular milk substitute, like Milo chocotale and malt milk, soy milk or rice milk, make sure your product is fortified with calcium. Canned fish, both bone and tofu, are also good sources of calcium. Calcium is also found in a number of other foods, such as leafy greens, almonds and beans, but in smaller amounts than milk, so you need to consume more.

Effects of canxi and physical activity.

Daily physical activity plays an important role in supporting the healthy development and development of children. In combination with adequate calcium, these are consider two of the leading factors affecting bone development in children. Studies show that the benefits of physical activity for bones are significantly increasing. When combine with appropriate calcium intake, and vice versa. Therefore, to provide the best development for children’s bones, it is essential to combine both daily physical activity and adequate calcium intake.

Calcium is need for the development of the child.

Nestle Milo Vietnam the drink for physical activity. Physical activities such as running and jumping make the bones strong. In addition, milk is a great source of calcium for bones. When drinking Milo milk, the amount of calcium will increase by 70%. Besides, the rich nutrients in Milo milk will provide energy for all-day physical activity! Therefore, to help keep your bones healthy, encourage your child to be active and drink Nestle Milo Vietnam milk every day.

Miniment’s role in the development of children 6-12

Do not let your child run out of breath because of iron deficiency.

Minerals are always need for all ages as they are both essential for recovery and as catalysts in metabolic reactions (metabolism of nutrients in the body). Iron (Fe) is especially important for children of pre-pubertal age, children 6 to 12 years. The reason is this mineral essential for the formation of minerals. The healthy red blood cells help to brighten up the skin.

But if you think iron is just as useful, then it is not enough. The body must have enough iron, red blood cells to bring oxygen to the cell. Due to the constant need for growth and the need for continuous thinking to explore the world around them, need to have enough iron in their mineral reserves. Especially when the child consumes more minerals than usual, such as during outdoor activities, sports activities. So drink Nestle Milo Chocolate milk after playing sport.

If young iron deficiency is difficult to sleep on time because the child is tired, but the nerve cell lack oxygen. So the sleep center will slow down the signal to start the body to sleep peacefully.

Children with iron deficiency can sleep easily in the sleep, even cramps that cause children to wake up in the middle of the night. Iron deficiency, children of course will not be fresh when waking up. Because the body is not restore as expected although children have enough sleep in bed.

Images of laziness, lazy to school, do not want to eat breakfast is often the result of iron deficiency. There is a lack of children complain that they are wrong because they sleep late, because they wake up late, because of the bright light, because of the difficulty to go to school because parents do not expect children are iron deficiency. It’s fair to say that this condition can be remedied not easily – if your parents do not forget to give your baby twice daily, (one time before breakfast, one time around 1 hour before bedtime), drink 1 cups of warm milk, barley drinks or delicious cocoa milk with an abundance of iron.