Summer Heat Race Of Soft Drink Brands

Soft Drink Brands

Summer Heat Race Of Soft Drink Brands

Summer is the peak time of consuming soft drinks. Which is both an opportunity and a challenge for all current Soft Drink Brands. Right from the early days of the summer, communication activities are taking place very excitingly, showing the fierce competition in this industry. 7 Up Soft Drink 330ml, the brand invest heavily in the visuals for ATL and BTL activities, along with the media visual campaigns. Some of the industry’s leading brands.

Cool summer, relax

Summer to many Soft Drink Brands associate with cool green colors bring a pleasant and refreshing feeling. This is a safe and popular option, but all brands need to refresh and show the theme of each campaign. Suntory Pepsico is a company holding many famous Soft Drink Brands brands such as Pepsi, Sting, MoutainDew, 7UP … All brands of Suntory Pepsico together run the program “Surfing a boat in Hawaii, winning every day “. 7UP is a “flagship” product on the media for this campaign and each product. Its own media but still consistent and effective in promoting the very good products.

Symbol of campaign with yacht, sun and quite prominent and unique typo typography.

7Up scored by new packaging with plastic bottles with wave lines and modern, youthful label design exclusively for the campaign. How to convey the message “Golden sun, blue sea and … surfing yachts in Hawaii” through simple drawings with simple sails and lemon slices, clearly catch up the trend of flat design, clean, neat present now on. 7UP Lemon Soft Drink – A Style Imprint In Vietnamese Youth display models and mock-ups are also carefully invested to show that the competition of beverage industry is increasingly fierce at the point of sale. Last Tet, shoppers were overwhelmed by the Pepsi Zone or Coke City invested by Pepsi and Coca Cola with a range of cool cabinets dedicated to their labels combined with the spectacular, outstanding POSM at the super contest. In a series of Iphone winning campaigns. 7UP Lemon Soft Drink – A Style Imprint In Vietnamese Youth may make a difference and make customers remember better with yacht images and rewards to Hawaii.  In addition to 7Up, the cool blue color is also used by the brother “Tea Plus” to create a relaxing, cool image for the summer. Tan Hiep Phat is nothing new when using new TVC with images of refreshing, cool young people like swimming pools and drinking products of the company and winning big prizes. The packaging samples have also been renew to include the message “Instant label tear – Right big hit”. This simple image is still “worn out” but still shows its effectiveness. Because it easy-to-understand, direct and consistent Soft Drink Brands investment for advertising channels like Tan Hiep Phat.

Summer campaign, active life

Exciting entertainment events, fluttering motor activities are always the focus of summer. Every summer, the Soft Drink Brands race to organize activities and events to attract young people to participate, both entertaining and integrating refreshing products in a reasonable manner. Oo green tea welcomes early summer with a series of “Summer without degree” events quite early compared to rivals. Different from the experience of enjoying the summer with vacations; The image they aim for is dynamic, comfortable and fun, despite the summer heat. Sports activities combine with a music party with many famous singers. Those are the highlight of the summer marketing campaign of Oo Green Tea. Along with building the image of young and dynamic young people, dare to break out but be stronger and more fierce, fit with products, Sting is loyal to the “Amazing Race”. This is a reality TV show for couples to overcome tough, difficult challenges and compete for the finish line. From the color, Soft Drink Brands personality to the target audience of Sting are very suitable for this program. Joining the market of mobilize mineral water of 7 Up Revive, Sponsor, Aquarius. It is the new name Isport. Isport launches a unify image strategy from packaging to strong communication images associate with sports activities and the desire to break through, winning with the message “Brighten to be active, explode joy “. The competition in the mineral water market has become increasingly fierce.

Experience the summer in your own way

Dr Thanh is a strong investment brand for media and also very creative in the image. Still the message “Hot in people – Dr Thanh tea drinking”. This year the summer rush sales campaign starting with “Hot Street” launch April 15, 2016 is a big kick. Not going in a cool, young and healthy way, this image campaign is quite dramatic, funny and cinematic. It seems that we caught the “Great Kungfu peak” by the fans in the series of activities from virtual experiences on websites, funny video clips, facebook … of Dr Thanh. This can be seen as a way of a Soft Drink Brands “leading” beverage industry with a different direction and bright

Use celebrity images

Using celebrities is an old and popular technique in the FMCG industry in general and soft drinks in particular. In order to gain influence on the target public group. Soft Drink Brands do not hesitate to spend a lot of budget to hire influential artists. This is a trend that is also a big battle of beverage industry. Which is highly competitive because buyers can easily change their buying decisions, moving from one brand to another. Check out the face of brand representatives and participate as a representative image of Soft Drink Brands brand activities.