Clean A Toilet Journey – Environment Hygiene Of Schools

Clean A Toilet

Clean A Toilet Journey – Environment Hygiene Of Schools

Although it cannot be seen with the naked eye, bacteria and germs exist everywhere in the house. Houses are not regular and thorough, especially in toilets and bathrooms – a healthy habitat of bacteria, an opportunity for them to spread quickly and cause illness for families. Vim Stronger Toilet & Bathroom Cleaner 900ml is an effective assistant in house cleaning. With the formula of disinfecting Sodium Hypochlorite periodically tested and certify at Ho Chi Minh City Pasteur Institute. Vim has the ability to remove organic stains and most of the bacteria that cause disease in toilets and surfaces in the family. Therefore, you should always let Vim accompany you in the cleaning of your family.

Every day, more than 800 of the 1,400 children worldwide die from diarrhea. Due to lack of clean water and poor sanitation. Vim has been constantly striving to improve sanitary conditions for people all over the world. Each hygienic clean a toilet is built in a small part to change this situation. As part of Unilever’s Sustainable Development Plan. Vim is committe to improving sanitary conditions for 25 million people worldwide by 2020. 

Through the Global Partnership with the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF). Within the framework of the “Clean Hygienic Toilet Program” at schools. Vim has always strive to prevent the risk of disease from poor sanitary conditions.


Sanitation is important in reducing disease risks through the creation of a clean and safe living environment. The basic job in sanitation is to treat and remove pollutants from waste water. This seems simple. But according to a joint report by UNICEF and the World Health Organization (WHO). There are 3 out of 10 people (equivalent to 2.1 billion people in the world) without access with safe water.


Guaranteed living environment has a great impact on improving personal health. When basic rights such as access to clean water, physical hygiene and health care are ensure. People are create a foundation for learning, developing and building the country.


Over the years, through the achievements. VIM Toilet Cleaner and UNICEF have constantly strengthen their faith in protecting and changing the lives of people around the world. When purchasing each toilet and bath cleaning product from Vim. You not only own effective hygiene and bactericidal products for your family. But also contribute to the improvement of global sanitation for children. Not only stopping at the number of 10 million people who have improved hygiene conditions. Vim has always trie to continue to reach the milestone of 10 million more people supported by the program.

Vim Toilet & Bathroom Cleaner products in Vietnam market participate in projects with UNICEF.


We believe that school sanitation and school cleanliness are the basic benefits that every student has. However, according to UNICEF statistics, up to 2011. There are still 3 million children who have to use the home without standard. According to WHO statistics, more than the number of acute diarrhea cases originating from schools is more than 40% of the number of at-home cases.

The fact that young children do not dare to use the toilet leads to serious health effects, especially for women who are in menstrual cycles. Besides, the use of dirty toilets makes young children daily expose to a lot of risk of serious diseases.

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The program “Clean toilet hygiene program” has been contributing to help Vietnam solve this urgent problem through the construction and improvement of facilities for clean school facilities to reach and reach. Standard and safer.

That’s how Vim has contribute to changing the world. We will constantly improve the situation of poor sanitation. Help people around the world clean access to hygienic toilets and improve school hygiene conditions, creating a safe and clean learning environment for students.

We all know that Vim has just helpe you to kill pathogenic bacteria and clean stains in toilets and bathrooms. But do you know about the mechanism of toilet cleaners and Vim toilets? Equip it with useful information on how to use bleach effectively. At the same time, the article will also give you answers about why Vim is a powerful and comprehensive antiseptic weapon for the family and friend.