Benefits Of Chewing Gum

Benefits Of Chewing Gum

Benefits Of Chewing Gum

Whether you chew gum (chewing gum) because you’re bored or anxious, or simply want to enjoy its taste or even hide the unpleasant taste of your previous meal. Most likely this candy has occupie a significant part of your life. But does gum have some surprising benefits of chewing gum that we didn’t think of? Find out about Mentos Fresh Action Gum 56G

Controversy about benefits and harms

According to recent data, only in 2017, about 174.74 million Americans said they were in the habit of chewing chewing gum and chewing gum. But whether the use and extent of chewing gum can help or harm health is still a controversial issue. Research has shown that sugar-free gum is very good for your teeth. Because it can prevent tooth decay and plaque formation in your teeth. One study found that chewing gum may help relieve stress and this is attribute to increase blood flow to the brain. But other studies conclude that the habit of chewing gum reduces the appetite of consumers for fast-food healthy foods such as fruit. But does not affect the reduce craving for harmful snacks like chip cakes or similar items.

“However, scientists at Waseda University’s Graduate School of Sports Science. Japan have turn their attention in a different direction: studying whether to chew gum while walking. Can it affect the physiological functions of a person? This study has produce interesting results for those who are eager to learn how even small and even daily habits affect the body and the energy use of the body. This publication was report at the European Science Conference on Obesity held in Vienna, Austria.”

Chewing chewing gum increases the heart rate

Volunteers aged 21-69 agreed to participate in 2 different trials. In the first test, they were asked to chew 2 capsules of chewing gum, each of 1.5 grams and containing 3 kcal of energy, while walking for 15 minutes (after resting for 1 hour) with average speed often. A second controlled trial, in which participants instead of chewing gum, were asked to swallow a powder containing similar ingredients. The results of the study were very interesting, in all participants, the average heart rate at walking was increased when they were walking and chewing candy. The results are similar for changes in heart rate at movement compared to rest.

Older men benefit the most

In order to understand benefits of chewing gum whether any of these effects are related to significant physiological differences by sex and age group. The research team conduct the analysis which takes these factors into account. In it, they divided participants into male-female groups, young (18-39 years old) or middle-aged and older (40-69 years). They noted that both men and women had a higher average heart rate when walking and had a higher rate of heart rate changes. When switching from resting to moving, if they were walking and chewing candy.

In the case of male participants, walking distance was 15 minutes and their average movement speed increased significantly in the chewing gum test. However, this is not true for female participants. Similarly, people aged 40-69 also showed a higher heart rate change in a chewing gum trial than younger people.

Scientists conclude that chewing chewing gum affects many physical and physiological functions in men and women of all ages. They also stressed that male participants were most likely to benefit. This study has shown that chewing chewing gum at walking increases the length of the journey and increases energy consumption especially in men in middle age and older age.
Many people have a habit of chewing gum for a breath of fresh air or avoiding cravings for sweets. But many people may not know that chewing rubber glue has many other benefits.

Good for brain

Mentos Chewing Gum Perfetti Van Melle good for brand. A recent study by a group of psychologists at the University of St. John’s Lawrence discovered that chewing sugarless gum regularly can increase blood flow to the hippocampus in the brain and also increase oxygen flow to the brain. This helps brain cells work and thus improves memory skills. Chewing gum can increase your ability to concentrate your brain. People who follow the habit of chewing gum tend to be quicker and more effective than mind-relate jobs compare to those who don’t chew. Studies also show that when chewing gum, different areas of the brain are affect. There by helping to improve thinking, acumen and superior alertness.

Reduce stress. Another study showed that chewing gum is very effective at reducing stress because it increases oxygen flow to the brain and reduces the production of stress hormone – cortisol in the blood, there by reducing stress. See more benefit from Mentos Chewing Gum Perfetti Van Melle Vietnam.

Reduce anxiety. Chewing gum not only relieves stress, but chewing gum to the brain can also reduce anxiety. So before each exam or before an important interview or meeting, chewing gum can reduce stress.

Prevent caries

Benefits of chewing gum with teech. Although it is not possible to replace tooth brushing with chewing. The habit of chewing gum is also helpful in preventing tooth decay. When you chew gum, saliva in the oral cavity will be released more. It is this saliva that will kill bacteria and help neutralize and wash away harmful acids from food. Therefore, chewing gum after eating will bring more effective anti-cavity effect.

Soothing the throat

After eating, especially high-fat meals, some of you will experience heartburn or gastroesophageal reflux. This condition not only causes discomfort to the body, but can result in injury and esophagitis. Meanwhile, if you regularly experience this condition. You only need to chew gum after eating will work to reduce the above symptoms significantly.

Weight loss

Benefits Of Chewing Gum: Chewing gum makes you forget the feeling of hunger, snacks, so it is effective in losing weight. You should choose sugarless and low-calorie candies. Studies have shown that people chewing a piece of gum for 45 minutes after lunch will have a positive effect on the waist. In addition, chewing activity also helps to burn calories effectively. While also reducing cravings so people who chew candy will be able to lose weight more easily.

Anti-nausea. If you are susceptible to illness or nausea due to indigestion, chewing gum can help reduce this feeling, because chewing gum can create more saliva in the stomach, thus preventing sadness. vomiting.

Improve the digestive system

The benefits of chewing gum is ultimately to help you improve your digestive system better. Researchers have shown that chewing activity can help start digestion again, stimulate gastric acid secretion and digestive enzymes, so the task of digesting food will be done thoroughly and effectively more fruit.

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Note when chewing gum:

  • Make sure it is sugar-free candy to not damage your teeth.
  • Do not chew candy when hungry. Because chewing will stimulate stomach acid secretion and if the stomach is empty. These acids will destroy the stomach lining, causing ulcers.
  • Chewing on both sides by the habit of chewing on one side of the mouth. For a long time will make the jaw bone uneven, causing the jaw to deflect.
  • Pack candy residue into paper and throw it in the right place.